The mist floats above the ground
Protecting the world in chill dew
Grass sparkling with dew

At first light, the flowers unfurl their petals
And reach up to the sky
The grass waves in the wind

The sun rises in golden red glory
Birds break into involuntary song
Announcing morning’s arrival


Another Moment

Another moment
Of so many

Couldn’t be any better
Already simple perfection
Pure warmth and sweet ambrosia
Never can be matched

Saving the moment
Within my mind eternally
I never intend to forget this light
Moments like this are so hard to come by

Another moment of so many
I will treasure this one forever and forever

In His Presence

In His presence, uncertainties subside
In the darkness, the light is made all the more distinct
When lonely winds blow
Across my parched soul
You fill me with Your everlasting love

You give mercy I don’t deserve
When I fall short
When I’m exhausted
You guide me
In You, I find my repose

In my weakness, You are strong
I know that I’m never left
To fend for myself
Oceans rise and lions roar
But I’m safe
Forever in Your arms


Out of control
Nowhere to go
Lost in the sea of uncertainty
Doubts and fears and swallow hope
It’s all too unpredictable

Expecting one thing
And you get another
What is next?
Worries and anger and tears collide
Rising waves threaten

Distant screams
Fallen enemies or friends
Caves echo back your own words
Alone, at peace, at last
Hope rises

Beginning of a Day

Flowers reaching to the sun
Shadow of a flag across the lawn
Green and yellow grass intertwined
Life and death in one

Hummingbird’s gentle wings flapping at a dizzying speed
Sipping nectars from nature’s colorful cups
Bees getting covered in golden dust
And with the last cricket and the first chirp

The day begins

Don’t You See

You run your hands along my skin
And you’re strong, but rough
All you want to do is touch me
Don’t you see, it hurts me

Trying to hold onto you
Dragged across the ground
So fast, so fast, I’m bleeding
Don’t you see, it hurts me

And we keep going back to square one
Saying it’ll be alright in the end
But I keep tripping over your feet
Don’t you see, it hurts me

Perhaps, it isn’t either of our faults
But something is going to have to change
Or one of us will get left behind on this path
Don’t you see, don’t make me say it wasn’t meant to be


A full moon pale against the dark sky
Pinpricks of light
Stars at midnight

Each sound is heard
Every sound is heard
The cricket chirps, instead of the bird
The wind rustles the tree’s leaves
And I am alone once again

Beauty warm and bright around me
It feels like something inside of me
Is rising up ,up, up
It once was lost

Now I have found it
In midnight

On the Brink of Beginning

Nowhere to go
On the brink of beginning
Yet at verge of the end

Given a glimpse into what was ahead
A sure path was set before my feet
Needing to say goodbye
To the past that had enslaved me
Was the part that scared me

The odd safety found in familiar pain
To feel comfort in tears
Afraid to step forward or back
Motionless in time

Three choices laid before me
Renewed every moment
Throwing risk across my shoulders
Moving forward, toward something new
Opening my heart to trust you

Going forward over the brink of beginning
As I began a new life with a single step
My old one slipped over the edge