Waiting for the words to come
Eyes closed, face to the wind
Praying, wishing for a sign
Or more than that, a futile hoe
A current, familiar yet strange
To drag me along the right path
To provide answers to elusive questions



I Don’t Understand You

“I don’t understand you. You come to me saying you don’t know how you could possibly live without me. You promise you love me. And I know that you are not lying for your sincerity bleeds through your features. Yet you go and act as if you don’t care about me at all. Which is it? How can it possibly be both? You are like an ocean wave, rushing towards me and then running away. I can’t make sense of it. I think I have understood you, I see your figure clearly in the daylight. As soon as I have figured out your path, you turn around and walk in the other direction. As soon as I see you (or at least think I do) you shapeshift into an entirely different creature. Your love flickers. How do I know it will not go out? How can I love someone who I’m not even sure that I know? You seem to be too uncertain to love. Like a mirage. I’m not sure how much longer you will stay. How can you love someone so unsteadily?

But how can I say that to you? Am I not the same way? I seem to be a light constantly flashing, fading, and flickering. I can hardly trust myself with my own unsteadiness. I’m only afraid that I have deceived myself. That I shall have the resolve to get through anything one moment and then hardly able to stand. That I won’t be there when you need me most. And I’ll hurt you. How can I trust myself with someone like you?”


Bursting Forth

    And without warning, the frozen waterfall cracked and with a thunderous roar the water burst forth all at once. Flowing, overflowing over the hard and cold ice and breaking it with one swift motion. Rushing over the rough rocks, making them smooth. In one moment, it become what it had been becoming for so long. It had been trying to break free all along.


Silent Words

    I didn’t say anything. There was nothing left to say. Nothing that words could say. From that point on, only silent words were spoken. Words flowing, overflowing like the tears from my eyes. And his sweet embrace holding every drop delicately like a fragile crystal. My soul was emptied of the pain for a moment and he cradled my heavy worn-out heart in his arms. Then he rose, still carrying me in his arms.


The River

A thin tall figure sat by the gentle river
In the silky light of the full moon
Her eyes were wet and sad
And tears streamed down her face

As she watched the river
The river was not wide
She knew it would be easy to get to the other side
So she stood slowly
Ready to jump to the other bank

But the river roared and jumped
Her balloon of hope popped
And she trembled in fear
The river seemed so strong
And she felt so weak

She knew she had to cross
So she took a deep breath
And jumped over the rushing water
She landed on the other side
With a gleeful laugh

She took a moment of silence
To gather her wits
The river was calm
She had finally done it
It was over with

But then a cloud of darkness
Entered her mind
She realized she was meant to be on the other side
What a mistake she had made
A horrible mistake

The grassy bank was calling
She wanted to go back
She stepped to the river
About to cross back
But the river rose and screamed
And grew wider still
The other side was too far
To jump

The roaring river would surely
Drown her in tears
She could not cross back
Then like lightning
She was struck
With an idea

It was all too much
She had to move on
She would never forget
The other bank
But the river separated
The past and the present
She dried her eyes

And looked up to the blue sky
The sun shone golden
She held her head high

Gazing at the future
The warmth and light
Filled her soul
Until she felt alive

She again started to cry
Tears of joy
Streamed down her rapt face
She had crossed the river
And moved past the other bank


The words whispered were louder
Than the words yelled
They were carried to my ear
By the wind

The whispers wrapped me up
In their silky embrace
Surrounding me in fear
I couldn’t hear myself
In all the noise

The whispers told me they knew who I was
They said I was lost
The whispers were so loud
I couldn’t hear myself

The Flight

Dedicated to those who taught me to fly

A hot-air balloon carried me high
Way up into the deep blue night sky
The moon glowed and the stars shone bright
On that glorious night I decided to take flight
I forgot the past I had carried with me so long
But that night I sang a very different song
A song of joy and love and peace
That made all my fears and worries cease
Finally I knew how it felt to be free
From the chains of the past that captured me
A moment came in the calm of the night
When I truly took off on beautiful flight
Then I took an at last peaceful breath
And laid my head down to forever rest


The stars twinkle brightly
The moon gleams and glows
Its iridescent light shines on the Earth below
The entire world is sleeping
The creatures are at ease
And all around in the Earth there is a feeling of peace
The air is brisk and cool
The sky is clear and dark
Indeed this is the night
A deep darkness that hides
The Unknown