Silent Song

Whispers in the silence
Brush past me
Finding their way
Into my soul

Reaching for my hand
A familiar yet mysterious voice
Calling me to dance
To the unheard music

Such a delicate song
Oh, so beautifully fragile
Floating through the undisturbed air
Shattered by the heavy touch
Of sound


Run and Hide

It’s easy to run.
It’s so easy to hide and it’s so easy to run.
But what happens when you can’t run anymore?
You get tired of running.
You get tired of hiding.
So you decide to stand up.
Walk in the wind, the hurricane.
With your head held high.
So you look defiant but you’re shaking inside.
Screaming that you won’t hide.
Steady but your heart is racing.
You want to run but you have to stay.
And face the rain and wind.
And I realize.
It has no power to hurt me anymore.
You have no strength.
You tried to stop me but,
You just gave me strength.
So now you have no power to hurt me.
I’m strong and free.
Being who I was meant to be.

Not Sure

I try
Not sure if it’s enough
Because every word is swallowed up by noise

I really do try
Not sure if it’s making a difference
Cause I don’t see anything changing
I don’t see anyone changing

I try so hard
Not sure if I’m going too slow
Because I feel like I’m getting left behind
Like I’m not going to make it to the finish line

No one seems to have any trouble
With finding their way
They run right through the fire
Like they’re not afraid

But I am
I am afraid 
Of the fire
And I can’t explain 
How they seem to cast shadows that hauntingly scream my name

I shake when the fire flares up
Even though I stand near the edge
I see familiar faces in it 
Faces that terrify

I scream to Him to help me
But I can’t hear the reply
I don’t know how much longer I can wait
Not sure how how much more I can take

We Carry On

The heart aches and aches
And it breaks and breaks
And God gives us the strength to carry on
With open hands and open hearts 
We carry on and on
Leaving scars glistening in the sun
Because our wounds will never be forgotten, 
No, not one
So we carry on, tears glowing on our cheeks
And our hearts yearn to share their burden 
For just one to understand


Tall and proud we stand
Alone, in our strength
Thinking ourselves immovable
Shaking hands clutching our own hearts
Tight, tight, tighter

Screaming winds, roaring waters
Loud laughter, no longer our own
Painful flashes of fear and doubt
Threatening to tear us apart
Close, close, closer

Stumbling to our knees 
Eyes flickering with defiant fire
Holding onto precious pride
Cold waters rising, overtaking us
Weak, weak, weaker

Neck-deep, can barely breathe
Lost in the turning sea
Lifted out by firm steady hands
Collapsing into waiting arms of Savior 
Covered by his infinite grace

Real World

You’re in the real world now
It’s time to stand on your own
The waves won’t stop coming
When you fall 

This isn’t practice anymore
In fact, it never was
If you drown in the storm
It means the end

You can’t afford to stay knocked out
One chance is all you got
So keep moving forward
There’s no time to stop

You’re in the real world now

Don’t You See

It’s not as scary as they say
I promise, it’s not all that bad
As long as you don’t think about it too much
It’d be best not to think at all

Don’t leave yet
You just got here
There’s plenty of time to look around

Let go of those thoughts that have been gnawing at you
Put aside the questions that have been haunting you
There will always be tomorrow

Come on, stay for just a bit longer
Really, what’s the harm?
In things staying exactly the same
In things never changing

It’s comfortable, don’t you see?
That’s the danger beauty
It’s safe and cozy
What more could you need?


I’ve missed WordPress. I’ve missed all of you. And I didn’t realize it until I sat down to write. I didn’t realize how much I would miss this community of creators. That’s the only way I can think to describe it. Now I see how beautiful and valuable the friendships I’ve formed here really are. It’s incredible. But as with any friendship, this one has been weakened because of my neglect of it. It’s been months. And now it’s time to rebuild the relationships I’ve neglected. Now it’s time to rebuild.